Fyodor Biryuchev is a London-based pianist and composer and
a distinguished graduate of the Liceu Conservatory celebrated for his exceptional musical talent and worldwide performances. His interests span a wide spectrum, from collaborating on opera projects like «The Queen of Spades» with the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow (III Russian National Opera Award «Onegin») to releasing six albums and performing over 150 concerts across five continents. Fyodor's portfolio
also includes music for Bollywood movies, theatrical performances, orchestral suites, and various pieces for orchestra, string quartet, piano, etc. In the theatre scene, Fyodor's captivating music has been featured in two notable premieres: «Theatre of Gulags» in London and «Say That You Love Me» in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart, and Narva. His collaborations extend to working with esteemed conductors such as Fabio Mastrangelo, Nikolai Zinman, Andrei Rein and Manel Valdivieso. Fyodor's recent album, «Rachmaninoff Variations», recorded at London's iconic Abbey Road Studios, showcases his innovative reinterpretation of Rachmaninoff's legacy. Following its release, Fyodor embarked on a global tour across five continents, presenting the album's captivating
compositions to audiences worldwide.




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Fyodor Biryuchev: