Fyodor Biryuchev is a pianist and composer, a graduate of Liceu Conservatory (Barcelona). The composer's sphere of interests is extremely wide, it extends from solo piano compositions to collaborations with orchestras, from works with the famous Ukrainian poet Yevhen Soya to experiments with prepared piano and electronics, from writing music to large-scale opera projects to work with ethnic musicians from various countries.

In the course of several extended live tours with more than 150 concerts across Europe, Asia and North America composer presented his five albums. Fyodor's music has been performed in countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Türkiye, Russia, India, Thailand and Mexico. In 2017-2018 he took on the role of the sound producer and composer of the world's first classical opera in the immersive format «The Queen of Spades», working in cooperation with soloists from the Bolshoi Theatre. This project received a Russian National Award, «Onegin». In 2018 Fyodor collaborated with Severnaya Sinfonietta Orchestra under the direction of an Italian conductor Fabio Mastrangelo. In 2019 composer took part in Piano Day Festival and played concerts in Paris and Amsterdam. In 2020 in collaboration with Ukrainian poet Yevhen Soya Fyodor released his third album «Let me be frank». In 2022 Fyodor wrote music for three short movies, one of which has been included in the official selection of List-Off Filmmaker Sessions and Pinewood Studios 2022 in the UK. The same year Fyodor composed the music for a documentary performance about Marlene Dietrich «Say that you love me», directed by Valentina Wambolt and Anastasia Hristova, which was staged in Spain and Estonia. In 2022 music of Fyodor Biryuchev was performed and recorded by Liceu Conservatory Orchestra in Barcelona.

In May 2022, composer released his fourth album «Old Photographs». In this album, Fyodor Biryuchev combines tradition and a modern compositional approach, rethinks the legacy of the Slavic piano school of the 19th century and the works of European romantic composers.

While featuring academic sophistication and precision and a deep immersion of the listeners, Fyodor's concerts are at the same time full of vivid expressive presentation, powerful energy and charming atmosphere. His creative style is marked by diversity, imaginative and cinematic nature. His work is mostly influenced by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann.

Fyodor's music resonates with the listener, it is something personal, devoid of the excessive conservatism and artificial pathos. The composer's music is inspiring, it astounds with its sincerity and tenderness. It sounds like a sea breeze, a long-awaited spring, a sky full of stars up in the mountains.
Fyodor Biryuchev was born in an artists' family in Yevpatoria (Ukraine) on November 22nd, 1993. His grandfather is Vitaly Zaykov, a famous Soviet and Russian sculptor, the Russian SFSR Honored artist; his grandmother and mother are professional musicians. Fyodor has strong Ukrainian and Russian roots: his father was born in the Urals, grandfather is the creator of this region symbol: a grand monument
«Skaz ob Urale» in Chelyabinsk. His grandmother is from the Lviv region with its unique and rich culture. Fyodor's mother lived in Lviv for many years and graduated from the Lviv Conservatory.

Fyodor made his first steps in music in his early childhood, thanks to the support of his family. When he was 4 years old he showed a conscious interest in piano performance. While studying in the music school, Fyodor started taking part in various international, Ukrainian and Russian competitions and festivals as a pianist and composer. He was repeatedly awarded the first prizes and Grand Prix in several nominations. In 2010 driven by the desire to expand his outlook, he entered V.I. Vernadsky Tavrida National University to study Landscape architecture. In 2012 after participating in the Rachmaninoff piano competition in Simferopol Fyodor Biryuchev was enrolled in the first year of the bachelor's degree in the Conservatory, although he had never studied in a music college. In 2013 he started studying at the «piano» department at Donetsk Conservatory. After graduating from the Tavrida National University in 2014, he completed his piano studies at the Moscow State University of Сulture. In 2014 Fyodor Biryuchev worked with Nikolai Antonenko, conductor of the Crimean philharmonic chamber orchestra, the Honored artist of Ukraine. In 2015 Fyodor collaborated with Timofey Vinkovsky, Maestro of crystal symphonies, a finalist in shows «Minute of Fame» and «Ukraine got talent – 3».

In 2016 composer released his debut album «Breath of Love». In 2017 he released his second album «By the Sea» and presented it in Europe and Asia. In the same year, he has taken the role of the sound producer of the first classical opera in the immersive format "The Queen of Spades" in Moscow, he cooperated with New Classic Band Orchestra and singers from Bolshoi Theater. This project received a Russian National Award, «Onegin». In the autumn of 2020, Fyodor moved to Barcelona, where he received a scholarship from the Fundació del Conservatori del Liceu to study applied composition at the master's level. In 2023, after graduating from the Conservatory, he moved to London, receiving a Global Talent visa UK.

Fyodor Biryuchev is having various concerts across Europe, Asia and North America.




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