Fyodor Biryuchev - Portraits of Cities
Pianist and composer Teodor Doré aka Fyodor Biryuchev, the sonic storyteller extraordinaire, will present his sixth album, "Portraits of Cities". This musical masterpiece isn't just an album; it's a mesmerizing journey through the beating hearts of megacities across the globe, brilliantly fusing traditional instruments, piano prowess, and electronic wizardry.

"Portraits of Cities" is like a sonic postcard collection where each composition is a vivid snapshot of a city that has left an indelible mark on Teodor during his globetrotting adventures. These aren't your average tunes; they are sonic guides, unveiling the hidden gems of urban landscapes with cinematic flair.

This project embodies 8 portraits representing the spirits of cities worldwide, interconnected by the invisible strands of music that transcend boundaries. It bridges East and West, South and North, merging conflicting elements, religions, and truths. Doré's work encapsulates the art of unity amidst chaos and duality, showcasing the transformative power of music to connect disparate elements into a harmonious essence.

Through an alchemical fusion of traditional instrumentation, the melodic eloquence of the piano, field recordings, and avant-garde electronic elements, Doré's work transcends mere musical boundaries to become a bridge between disparate worlds. "Portraits of Cities" is a new convergence that celebrates the rich tapestry of global diversity, offering an immersive auditory experience that resonates with cultural connoisseurs and sonic aesthetes alike.

"Portraits of Cities" isn't just about music; it's a vibrant tapestry promoting the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity. Teodor seamlessly blends piano melodies with traditional instruments to create a melodic fusion, transcending the boundaries between Western and Eastern musical realms.

In Teodor's own words, "I aimed to capture my profound inspiration from history and culture by crafting an extraordinary blend of multifaceted musical elements and imagery."
Date of release: May 1st 2024

Michael Davies
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Fyodor Biryuchev