Fyodor Biryuchev - Middle East Diary
"Middle East Diary" is the fifth album that was born as a result of the musical expedition of the composer Fyodor Biryuchev to Lebanon last autumn, an expedition to a country with an ancient history, with an unthinkable combination of cultures, languages and religions.

In the course of the composer's research and rethinking of local folklore, a deep study of Arabic scales in collaboration with local musicians playing traditional Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian instruments, compositions were created so that East opens up to the listener from different sides: like a fairy tale, like the Garden of Eden, and also as a site of sharp religious, political and social controversy.

This work shows the author's fascination and consanguinity with the East, the enthusiasm coming from the composer's Crimean roots and passion for the Crimean Tatar culture.

The first and last compositions recorded in Berlin serve as a kind of prologue and epilogue, the guest's reflections before and after the trip to the Middle East, while the rest of the works created in Beirut are an attempt to uncover the Lebanese life hidden from prying eyes, to understand and comprehend it, and here Fyodor manifests himself as a real orientalist, speaking fluently in the language of Arabic maqams, as in his native language.

"Middle East Diary"- notes from a journey that can turn life upside down, inspire, hurt or disappoint, but certainly cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Date of release: Feb 7th 2023

Composer, Fender Rhodes Mark II Stage Piano: Fyodor Biryuchev
Vocal, rebab: Oubada Ghosn
Percussion: Ayman Sameer Sleiman
Qanun: Ramy Akiel
Ney, zurna, buzuq: Georges Abdallah Cheikh

Sound engineers: Fadi Tabbal, Sary Moussa
Mixing and mastering: Ilya Karpov

Artwork: Vitalii Ermolaiev
Design: Eduard Artemenko
Creative producer: Victoria Pakhomova

Recorded at Tunefork Studios (Beirut, Lebanon), Trixx Studios (Berlin, Germany)

Michael Bire
E-mail: booking@biryuchev.com

Fyodor Biryuchev
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