Fyodor Biryuchev - Towards victory

After the darkest year, we see the path that leads us to victory. In the life of each of us, there is also a battle - for freedom, for humanity, for the right to be who you are, for self-realization and for a place in this world. This is real feat and heroism.

The composition "Towards victory" was written for the orchestra of the Liceu Conservatory, played and recorded by it in mid-2022.
release date: Feb 26th 2023
composer: Fyodor Biryuchev
Liceu Conservatory Orchestra
conductor: Manel Valdivieso
sound engineers: Marc Sanges
mixing and mastering: Ilya Karpov
design: Eduard Artemenko

Michael Bire
E-mail: booking@biryuchev.com

Fyodor Biryuchev
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