Fyodor Biryuchev - Winter Days

"Winter Days" is a new composition in the form of small variations dedicated to the long winter days in Russia. It was performed by my friend and exceptional violinist Vasily Starshinov, a graduate of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

While composing this piece I haven't thought that it would resonate with the fear and misery that we all have faced at the end of the winter. For now, we are all stuck in those winter days. However, no winter lasts forever. Any snow will melt sooner or later.
release date: Mar 8th 2022
composer: Fyodor Biryuchev
violin: Vasily Starshinov
sound engineers: Yacob Zakh, Ilya Karpov
cover by Ilya Chirun

Michael Bire
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Fyodor Biryuchev
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