In memory of the Silver Age composer Alexei Stanchinsky
Obolsunovo, Ivanovo (Russia)

Composer and pianist Fyodor Biryuchev performed the works of the Silver Age composer, a contemporary of S. V. Rachmaninoff - Alexey Vladimirovich Stanchinsky in the composer's homeland.
On the same day, a memorial plaque was unveiled
in Obolsunovo, Ivanovo region (130 years since the composer's birth)
Outstanding talent in Alexey Stanchinsky was noticed as a child. He began composing his first works at the age of 6. His first mentor, composer Alexey Grechaninov, saw in the gifted student the future luminary of the Silver Age. Stanchinsky was predicted a brilliant musical future. And they were put on a par with outstanding composers: Prokofiev, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff. With Sergey Vasilyevich, they had a common composition teacher at the Moscow Conservatory - S. I. Taneev. But the rapid career of the musician ended too soon – he died at the age of 26.

Fyodor Biryuchev is sure that Stanchinsky is unfairly forgotten in Russia. He did not just create music, but as if he painted portraits of Russian cities. And stronger than others, the people felt.

"He opened up to me as a very Russian person. In the depth of the meaning of this word. Very close to the people. He felt Russian culture very deeply, was able to rework folk music, reincarnate it in his own compositions, and rethink it" says composer Fyodor Biryuchev.

In memory of the Silver Age composer Alexei Stanchinsky
A creative evening dedicated to the memory of the composer and pianist A. Stanchinsky was held in Obolsunovo
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